How to Renew your Auto Insurance In Clovis?

How to Renew your Auto Insurance In Clovis?

The procedure to renewing your auto insurance Clovis has considerably changed. So, if you are looking to renew your car insurance, you can break-free from the traditional practices of making phone calls or meeting up with the insurance agents. You also need not get into time consuming tasks of curating your bunch of hard copies necessary for the renewal procedure. Car insurance today can be done easily online with just the click of the mouse.

Important Details Required for Auto Insurance Clovis Renewal

Before you begin your renewal procedure, you should have some details ready with you. These include:

• Full Name

• Address

• Car make and model details

• Car Registration Number

• Previous Policy Number

• Add-ons to be chosen

• Payment details

Now that you have the details, follow the 5 steps mentioned-below for Car Insurance Renewal:

5 Steps for Online Car Insurance Renewal

Research About other Car Insurance Policies

Now that you have completed a year’s insurance from the previous company, it is always better to check other companies for better deals for auto insurance Clovis. The company that offers the best pre-sale and post-sale services should be selected. You should also ensure that you get adequate coverage and best prices. You can read reviews online to help you come to a conclusion.

Finalize your Insurance Policy

After you have selected your auto insurance agency in Clovis, you can just log on to their website and find the relevant car insurance schemes. Now you can decide which policy suits your needs the best. These can be a third-party car insurance or a comprehensive car insurance policy. A third-party policy is compulsory and it also covers all third-party liabilities. A comprehensive policy covers liabilities of third parties and also own damage. You can also enhance the plan with Add-ons.

Enter the Details

You can select the policy for your online auto insurance Clovis renewal. Keep the details handy. You will need to enter your details in a simple form for car insurance renewal.

Select Add-ons

If you select a comprehensive car insurance policy, you can choose Add-ons and covers to extend the scope of your basic plan. The common Add-ons include zero depreciation, roadside assistance, return to invoice, consumable cover and loss of personal belongings.


Now the final step to renewing your auto insurance Clovis is to proceed to make the payment. After making the payment, the job is done. Your process gets simpler and easy-to-access. As soon as the insurance company receives the payment, they will send the renewed policy through your email. This policy might be in a PDF format and this means that no one can make changes in the softcopy of your policy. You should print a few copies of your policy to be on the safer side. You might need to produce one or two copies when demanded by authorities and hence you should keep one at home, one in the car and few as extra. An online car insurance policy is valid and legal.

So get your car insurance policy renewed as soon as possible to avoid any problems later.


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