Coverage Definitions

Coverage Definitions


Pays when you are legally liable for injury or death caused by your vehicle. Legal fees, appeal bonds and court costs may also be included. Pays up to the first limit for each person and up to the second limit, maximum, for all persons injured or killed in any accident when you are legally liable. Some Auto policies can have a “Single” limit meaning Bodily Injury and Property Damage is combined in one “Single” limit.

Pays when you are legally liable for property damage to others caused by your vehicle. In a “Single Limit” policy, this would be included in a combined limited with any Bodily Injury that you are also legally liable to pay.

Pays medical, dental, hospital, and funeral expenses for you and resident relatives injured in a motor vehicle accident. Also protects you and resident relatives in other vehicles or if struck as pedestrians.

Coverage CX is like medical payment coverage (CC) above, but only applies on a excess basis for losses that exceed the limitations of a primary medical plan and on a primary basis to expenses for elements of losses which are not covered under a primary medical plan.

UM/UIM pays for loss of wages, pain and suffering and other related medical expenses that you or a resident relative are legally entitled to recover because of Bodily Injury or death caused by a uninsured or underinsured motorist. This can also apply in a hit-and-run situation as long as you are able to get a license plate number and report it within 10 days. UM pays up to the first limit for any one person and, subject to the first limit for any one person, up to the second limit for all persons injured or killed in an accident. UIM pays you and resident relatives in your vehicle against damages arising out of accidents with motorist who have motor vehicle insurance with lower limits of liability coverage than those damages suffered by you. UIM Pays the difference up to the first limit for one person and, subject to the first limit for any one person, up to the second limit for all persons injured or killed in one accident.

Pays for losses to your vehicle caused by collision with another object or by upset of the vehicle. Payments are made on an “actual cash value” basis for the amount of each loss. The collision deductible applies.

Pays other than collision losses to your vehicle caused by fire, theft, vandalism, hail, windstorm, riot, falling objects, flood, etc. The comprehensive deductible applies.

Pays rental car expenses for any covered comprehensive or collision loss. Pays a dollar amount limit per day for a specified number of days (Ex. $30 a day for up to 30 days).

(labor performed at the scene of the breakdown only such as changing in a tire) . Pays up to the policy limit for each disablement for towing your vehicle or labor costs at the place of disablement. Does NOT pay for parts or subsequent repair costs.

Optional coverage that replaces the vehicle without depreciation. (Typically covers up to 3 years on brand new vehicles purchased only)

Covers the difference between the “actual cash value” of a vehicle and the loan/lease payoff when the vehicle is totaled in a covered accident. (Does not apply to any amounts that negatively affect the value of the vehicle purchased. i.e. upside down trade-ins).

Coverage for permanently mounted audio/video equipment. (Must have comprehensive coverage (HH) in place). Coverage amounts up to $2500.

Coverage for media such as DVD/CD/tapes used with your permanently mounted A/V system. (Must have ZA coverage in place)

Please refer to your policy for specific definitions of coverage and limitations or exclusions. Our Agency represents multiple insurance companies and all policies vary as to coverage, terms, conditions and restrictions or exclusions. We are always available to discuss specific questions you have about any of insurance products we offer. Call us today.

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