Auto Insurance Clovis – Types of Coverage

Auto Insurance Clovis – Types of Coverage

Auto Insurance Clovis provides you risks against theft and damages/injuries due to accidents. It is necessary to have automobile insurance to ensure you are indemnified against damages and injury caused to any third person. When you buy auto insurance, there are many things to keep in mind before taking out a policy. One of the important things to know about is the coverage. The coverage refers to what is covered in the policy or the inclusions. There are different types of coverage that you need to be aware of.

Types of Coverage

The following are the different types of auto insurance Clovis coverage available for automobile owners.

1) Liability Coverage

This is a minimum coverage required by law that covers the liability of damages or injuries suffered by a third party. If an accident caused by you results in damage to someone else’s vehicle or injures another person, you are liable for the losses suffered by them. This coverage will help you cover these losses. It is mandatory under the law to behave liability coverage.

2) Comprehensive Coverage

As the name suggests, this auto insurance Clovis coverage is comprehensive. It covers many things and ensures wider protection against various risks. It covers the following:

  • Losses due to the theft of the car.
  • Losses due to damage caused to the car due to an accident.
  • Losses caused by vandalism and a few other manmade hazards.
  • Damages caused by fire and explosion are covered.
  • Natural calamities like flood, hailstorms, and earthquake is covered.

Since the coverage is comprehensive, the cost of insurance would be higher. This is worth the money spent since you are covered against all risks and can drive peacefully not worrying about what to do in case of accident or theft.

3) Personal Injury Coverage

During an accident, it is possible that you may be injured in the accident. This would call for treatment, which can be quite expensive. Apart from the medical expenses, there are losses caused due to the inability to work during treatment time. All these are covered in personal injury coverage and you can get protection for losses suffered and claim medical expenses.

4) Medical Payments Coverage

An accident may not just cause injuries to you but also to members of your family and any others who were with you in the vehicle. If you meet with such a situation, it can be very costly. There are treatment costs, diagnostic test costs, medicine costs, etc. All these costs would be covered under this particular coverage. It would be very handy in case of an accident.

Clovis auto insurance coverage details listed in the article would have helped you understand the different types of coverage available. You can select the policy depending on the coverage that you need. Some of them are a legal requirement in some states and you must have this coverage. While taking the insurance do ask the agent or company representative about the coverage before signing up for the policy.


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